Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Spring Break UW 09 WooHoo!

So remember spring break planning when you were an undergrad..."Do we go to Padre? Or what about Destin/Panama City (Club La Vela maybe Spinnaker don't know if we will have enough time, you know what I am talking about), that was fun last year. Or wait, we could go skiing in Colorado for six days, that would be fun. Or, I know, Mexico. Two words--all inclusive."
Well in grad school, we have very similar conversations regarding spring break..."Chicago, it is drivable, I am sure we can crash on somebody's floor, I think some other people might go as well. Hey, it is St. Patrick's Day so there will be something to do on Saturday." And that is just for the first weekend.
All joking aside, spring break is different than what I remember. It is still fun to not have to go to class, but the craziness that most of us associated with vacations to exotic locales just isn't there. It could be that I am older and it hurts more or it could be that vacationing on $200 doesn't quite cut it anymore. Either way, Annette and I rocked Chicago with the Arseneaus, Worleys, and soon-to-be Digmans for the St. Patrick's Day festival. At least Chicago has a huge party for it and it wasn't like we were doing Omaha for Octoberfest.

Mark's wife Sarah and I are on the left with the Worley's on the right. I am pretty sure that Jess stole the hat I am wearing from somebody at the bar. I ended up with another hat at some point in the evening, but lost it as well.

Joe and Mark...haven't had a drink at all.

As for the actual week of spring break, it was pretty low key. A number of us got together Tuesday for the actual St. Patrick's Day and enjoyed the incredible weather (70 degrees seriously) on Memorial Terrace. Little strange to be wearing shorts and t-shirt overlooking a frozen lake, but welcome to Wisconsin!
That Thursday, we joined all of America and watched the first round of the NCAA tournament at a local sports bar. Haven't been able to watch an entire day of games since college. Apparently Joe, Al, and I thought it would be a good idea to wager on the games. Now only Joe thinks that was a good idea. We did get to revel in the fact that CBPM Bracket Organizer Extraordinaire Amy Maier lost her national champion (Wake Forrest) in the first round.

Now everybody didn't keep it local. Jamel and Mat did actually go to Mexico. They received some incredible deal online and couldn't pass it up. Apparently, they didn't realize that the "deal" was for couples. Needless to say, they received a few puzzling looks from the newlyweds...wonder why.

Probably should have left the shirt on for lunch Mat.

Jessie left incredible Madison weather for even better weather in Florida. Amy showed the Natti what is up (talk about dream spring break locales, what tops Cincinatti in March?). Jake, Amy, and Mariah enjoyed the scenery of Miami Beach.
All I can say is that the local Spring Break this year was so great that the wives have told us that Spring Break next year will involve a beach, umbrella drinks, and sun tan lotion. Guess you win some and you lose some.
Here's to my first post-college, post-Adult Spring Break, Spring Break!


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