Monday, August 14, 2006

Congrats to Billy Orkin and Tania Shapiro-Barr!
Billy and Tania were married in Milwaukee on July 29, 2006! A great time was had by all! Billy was part of the first class to graduate from the CBPM (Class of 2005) and it was great to see so many friends from the center! Unfortunately, with my broken toe, the strappy sandals were replaced with flip flops. But, the wedding and reception were both beautiful and if you ask him, Billy might share a video of the song he wrote and sang to Tania!

Congrats to Terry Thomas and Angie Fogarty!

Terence Thomas and Angie Fogarty got married this past July. Terry is one of our incoming first year students! In attendance were some of his new friends from the Center for Brand and Product Management! We're really happy for both of you and hope you enjoyed your beautiful day!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Well, it's all over. That's right, today I finished my internship at SCJ. I had a wonderful summer....great projects and great people. Below are pictures from two of my summer highlights. The first picture is from our intern volunteering event. We raised about $1000 for an area homeless shelter and got to entertain some of the childern for the day. The second picutre is me stepping off the private company jet I took to visit a Ziploc plant in Michigan...private jets are the only way to travel:) I hope everyone else had as a good a summer as I did....see you back in Madison soon! -Will