Monday, August 31, 2009

And scene on the summer....

Hard to believe a year ago I was starting my first year of b-school. Today is the last day of summer as 2nd year reorientation and MBAs with a Heart are tomorrow and classes start Wednesday (well I only have the GBA meeting as my Wed. class was cancelled). It has only been a year, which took about six weeks, but feels like I have been here for four. Tough to explain how much different I feel after only one year. I remember talking to a 2nd year during week one last year and he said that the amount of stuff you know after year one is amazing. At the time I couldn't imagine that only one year of school would really do that much, but I stand corrected.

I spent the summer at SC Johnson based in Racine, but lived in Milwaukee. The internship was good, stressful, but good. 12 weeks flew by, but it was a great experience. I made some great friends and got a taste of what brand management really was. The only downside of an internship is that there is no summer, but I guess that is what happens in the real world. It is funny to think that I didn't have "summer" for the six years prior to school, but just assumed since I was back in school I would have it.

Soon enough you will have a new blogger for the year who will bring a different perspective on the life of a CBPMer. Just know that everybody has a different experience, but they are all rich. I haven't talked to a single person that regrets the decision of pursuing an MBA at Wisconsin.

One year down, one to go. Go Badgers!