Saturday, July 15, 2006

Well, Team Wrigley is 1/2 way finished with the MBA summer internship! So far the gum factory has been a great experience for all involved! I, specifically, am working on two of kids' favorite brands: Hubba Bubba and Big League Chew bubble gum. There's really nothing as fun as sitting at your desk or in a meeting while blowing bubbles! There's no doubt that gum is a way of life at Wrigley.

As I head into the second half of my internship, I will be wrapping up three major projects and a myriad of smaller, but really fun projects. I would say more, but I'm not sure my Wrigley team would appreciate that.

Although I am not working in the world-famous Wrigley building, we are pretty fortunate to have a great lofted office space at Chicago and Larabee Ave. For those of you from Chicago, it's the Japonais building.

(Here's a picture of all of the Wrigley interns at the actual gum factory.
Yup, that's me with the "beard guard" on - even though I don't have a beard!)


Kurt Kober